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About the Szymel brand

This brand has come a long way to be what they are today. This is a sign that has been passed down from generation to generation. Their history begins in 1952, when the leather goods factory was established in Strzegom, where the first employees of the Szymel brand began their journey. From generation to generation, these employees taught and told the younger generation about their passion for making and making shoes. After some time, the factory developed and became an industrial footwear factory. Throughout Szymel's history, they have accumulated almost 20 years of experience in cooperation with the well-known owner of the German brand "Haflinger" and have learned to work with highly advanced home footwear production technologies. The products distributed by this company allowed them to reach global, popular trends and very demanding customers. After the end of cooperation with the German "Haflinger" brand, due to the epidemic situation in the world, Szymel slippers began to rely only on its own products. However, the knowledge of working with other large companies was not wasted and that is why Szymel can send you the highest quality at an affordable price Official representative in Lithuania

We are the official representatives of the Szymel brand in the Baltic countries. Szymel is a woolen slipper manufacturer in Poland with a long experience in the field of slipper production. Szymel manufactures slippers for the German brand: Haflinger - who are popular sellers of wool and leather slippers in Europe. The sole of the slippers is made of TR rubber granules, which are of high quality and are used by most footwear manufacturers, so the sole is particularly resistant to friction and does not make any noise when walking. Each model and size of slippers has a separate EAN13 barcode


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