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Rules for returning goods

How to return parcels from the store through Omniva post machines?

  1. Fill out the product return form: **************return reference*************
  2. Pack the returned product and place it in the Omniva mail machine.
  3. Money for returned goods is transferred within 10 working days after the goods are delivered to the e-store
  • The price of the return service: 2.15 EUR

    Returnable packaging requirements: no smaller than 2x9x14 cm and no larger than 38x64x39cm. Maximum weight of the returned package: 30 kg

    In the following circumstances, the buyer's claims will not be satisfied:

    During the purchase, you were informed about the product defect and purchased the product at a reduced price. The defect is caused by improper wearing of the purchased item; product defects caused by mechanical damage, e.g. torn, frayed, cut, improperly used product care products. The money for the shoes is not returned if the shoes have been worn for some time and the size or model did not suit you or the shoes turned out to be uncomfortable.

    Shoes are washed in a washing machine, dried in a hot air dryer, radiator or other hot surface, as a result of which the glue structure of the sole is damaged and the sole may come off. Children's shoes from size 18 to 24 are made of extremely soft natural soft rubber, which is specially adapted to wear by children according to their age. When children are actively crawling, the front part of the shoe can wear out quickly enough, this is a natural process that cannot be considered a defect.

    Slippers made of natural wool have all the properties characteristic of wool. During active wear, natural wool is a material that wears out quickly enough, so the natural thinning of the thickness of the wool in certain places of the slipper cannot be considered as a defect. This is the result of natural wear. The front part of the footwear is not additionally protected, it can be damaged by careless wearing and interaction with other surfaces. This is not considered a defect.

    Blinking lights in the shoes work for a certain number of steps. Depending on how often these shoes are worn, the flashing period of the lights may vary. The manufacturer provides a warranty for 6 months or 100,000 thousand steps. If this limit is exceeded and the lights stop flashing, it cannot be considered a defect. Many footwear models have additional finishing details such as laces and other finishing elements. They can be damaged in a very short period of wear. Such violations cannot be considered a defect. Ultra-light sports shoes, the soles of which are made of very light materials, can wear out quickly enough if they are not used for their intended purpose. Incorrectly selected footwear size and/or shape can deform and otherwise affect the footwear.

    The employees in the store can only advise, but the final decision is made by the customer. If the size and/or shape of footwear is chosen incorrectly, it can press or rub the child's foot, this cannot be considered a defect. In order to make sure that the selected footwear model meets your expectations, we recommend that you try on the newly purchased shoes at home in order not to lose the brand appearance of the footwear. Patent leather shoes cannot be worn in negative outdoor temperatures, as the patent may crack. When wearing footwear with natural wool insulation, the wool layer may decrease. This is not considered a defect.

    Product warranty

    We provide a 2-year factory warranty for all products. If there is a manufacturing defect during this period, we will refund the money paid for the product or replace the product.

    How to return a defective product?

    You must fill out the return form in your buyer account on the website, selecting the reason for return as "Defect". If you are not sure whether your case will be covered by the warranty, please contact us by email. by mail, attaching a photo of the product.

    When does the quality guarantee not apply?

    1. in case of mechanical damage (e.g. broken straps, laces or other decorations; tearing of solid material, textile damage, etc.)
    2. in the case of natural wear and tear (abraded sole, deformation of the shoe, changes in appearance due to specific wear; faded color, etc.)
    3. in the case of changes caused by improper maintenance (color changes due to dirt or other deposits; changes in the structure of leather or other natural materials, etc.)
    4. for flashing LED details.
    5. The adhesive tapes are guaranteed for 6 months.
  • Complaint/dispute resolution and EGS platform

    The customer, in order to file a complaint, must contact the Seller directly by filling out the form on the website www.szymel.ltor by sending information by e-mail to If the Customer is not satisfied with the seller's final answer regarding the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, he can apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (address Vilniaus st. 25, 01402 Vilnius, Lithuania, e-mail, phone 852626751, website www.vvtat .lt) in its territorial units in the counties or fill out the application form on the EGS platform: .

    In the implementation of the European Parliament and Council Directive no. 2013/11/EU on alternative resolution of consumer disputes and European Parliament and Council Regulation no. 524/2013 on electronic consumer dispute resolution, the European Commission created the Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution platform:

    In Lithuania, the EGS platform allows independent, impartial, transparent, efficient, fast and fair online resolution of national and cross-border consumer and e-mail disputes arising in the internal market of the European Union. disputes between traders. The EGS platform is easy to use and can be connected to all types of devices. The platform is multilingual. It provides an automatic translation service to facilitate the resolution of disputes between persons located in different member states of the European Union. The State Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights is appointed as the contact center of this EGS platform in Lithuania, which provides assistance to all parties to a dispute at any stage of dispute resolution. 6